. Quick Guide:

    Get Photos
  • Use 1MP or 2MP camera setting.
  • Upload from your computer.
  • After thumbnails appear, Rotate as needed.
    Use Photos
  • Auto-fill or Drag thumbnails to left toolbar.
  • Click toolbar buttons to show/hide grid photos.
  • Drag images around on grid.
  • Drag bottom-right corner puller to resize
  • Drag edge pullers to crop image.
    Photo Features
  • Change overlay screen and shadows.
  • Add watermark, if needed, and drag into position.
  • Popup Preview until satisfied.
    Make your photo
  • Select a photo size to match your needs.
  • Click the "MAKE" button to build and display your photo in the bottom window.
  • Click the "Save" button to download the new photo to your computer.
  • Upload the next set of photos and repeat.

1. Upload 1 to 4 photos from your computer  [Load Samples]

(JPG and GIF files only - 2MB file size limit)
After all thumbnails appear below, rotate if needed, then drag to left toolbar.

2. Rotate after thumbnails appear.

3. Auto-Fill or manually Drag thumbnails to left toolbar below.

// these hidden elements are used by code Photo stacking order
Backward    Pos   Forward

 SHAPE:  0 x 0
 SHAPE:  0 x 0

4. Make composite Photo

Max size: