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Desktop Programs
Clic*Pic Click gallery creator
RagTag HTML Tag checker
Rainbow HTML Color Tool
TagBot Template Automater

Online Template Editors
Editor for Auction templates
ZippyPractice for HTML editing
WebTagbot Template Automater
ZippySlots Template Automater
Organizer Template Maker
Borders Plus Template Maker
Photobucket Template Maker

Online Image Editing
Watermarker Watermark photos
PhotoStitch Combine photos
PhotoStitchLite Combine photos
PhotoGlow Overlay photos

HTML Image Manipulation
Gallery Thumbnail Gallery
PopView Popup Images
Shadow Make HTML Shadows
Magnifier for hosted photos
Carousel Photo spinner
Extractor Find images in code

Promotional Displays
XSellx Cross-Sell Gallery
Q*Sell Quick-Sell Grid
Grid Excel item Gallery

Major Page Elements
Borders Pretty Borders
Charts Make Grids and Charts
TabTops Tabbed Index cards

Menus, Buttons, Links
Menus Drop/flyout Menus
Buttons Clicky Menu Buttons
Buttons Quick eBay Buttons
Mapper Hotlinks on photos
Links Easy Link Maker
Links eBay Non-Spamming

Colors names, values, blends
ArtRoom Rooms for Art
Corners ConchoCorner images
Corners HTML coded corners
ColorPicker Match photo colors

Encryptor Hide Auction code
Copy-Not image protection
Coverup image protection

Auction Templates
Online Templates Form-fillers
Spring/Summer Template codes
Fall/Winter Template codes
Xmas/Holiday Template codes
Templettes Small codes

Photo Color Picker

Upload your photo and pick colors from it!
Great for color-matching borders and backgrounds to your graphics.
Photos may be reduced to display here, and thus some of the colors
may be averaged to a close match instead of an exact match.

1. Upload photo (JPG or GIF files only - 1MB file size limit)
2. Click any color slot 3. Click on image 4.  

Hex codes
RGB codes